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Feature Request

Put here the features you want in future versions of ReMagX

  • Write Documentation
  • Change behavior of Start/Stop Fit button (only one button)
  • save all fit parameters/sample configuration in dataset
  • Different error definitions for fits
  • Undo button
  • magnetization direction in dataset frame
  • Multiply rotation matrices for the dielectric tensor
  • accelerate full matrix: Don't test the epsilon tensor every time.
  • Data right mouse click (copy, paste, cut)
  • faster angular resoluton (number of points)
  • implement energy resolution (test implementation for EScan finished)
  • Linear combination of different reflectivity spectra (maybe some gradient in your sample)
  • Diffraction away from specular (mwh)
  • Select more than one element for fitting in the element mode. For example ad a “fit all element”
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