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  1. The index of the layer. This index is used to reference its parameters in the script, e.g thickness[2] for the thickness value of layer 2.
  2. Thickness of the layer in Ångström
  3. Filename of the optical constants database files without ending (here Co.db, Cu.db, and vacuum.db). Files have to be in the same directory as the .all file.
  4. Optical constant delta, for the given energy (either from .db file or entered manually)
  5. Optical constant beta, same as delta
  6. Sigma, RMS roughness in Å between the layer and the one above!
  7. Magnetic delta, magneto optical constant (see remarks below)
  8. Magnetic beta, see magnetic delta

The example system is a multilayer consisting of 6x[ Co (10Å) / Cu (60Å)] on a Cu substrate. The optical constants provided correspond to a X-ray energy of 777eV and the .db filenames to the files shipped with this version of ReMagX (check the installation directory). Remarks: Delta (δ) and Beta (β) are the optical constants (dispersive and absorptive part) of the material according to the standard notation of a complex index of refraction: 𝑁=1−𝛿+𝑖β. Sigma (σ) is the RMS roughness according to standard notation in surface science. Magnetic delta (δm) and beta (βm) are the variation of the optical constants due to magnetism.

  • Select a cell on the “layer input table” by left mouse click.
  • Change a parameter by double clicking it.
  • Select a cell and right click for additional options.

The additional options available from the dropdown menu are:

Fit (On/Off) On/Off switch for selecting this parameter for fitting
Show Delta and Beta spectrum plots δ & β from the .db file. The script can alter this values
Show Deltam and Betam spectrum plots δm & βm from the .m file The script can alter this values
Get optical constants from database Loads the optical constants from .db .m and .e files for all layers and put them into the table for the current energy
Properties Provide additional information about the layer
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