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Author and Contact List

ReMagX has been developed and used by many groups around the world

Main developer

Dr. Sebastian Macke

Currently working as software developer in Munich.

Developed mainly at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver in the Max Planck - UBC centre for Quantum Materials
contact by email:
Private Website:

Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research

Department Keimer

  • Dr. Eva Benckiser

Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems

(former Max Planck Institute for Metals Research)

Department Schütz

University of British Columbia

Quantum Matter Institute (George Sawatzky)

University Würzburg

Experimental Physics 4


Of course there were are lot of people involved in this project. Some of them are listed in the following

  • Sebastian Brück
  • Patrick Audehm
  • Matthias Schmidt
  • Abdullah Radi
  • Adriano Verna
  • Meng Wu
  • Alex Frano
  • Yi Lu
  • Max Harlander
  • Uwe Grüner
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