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 == ReMagX == == ReMagX ==
-=== Disclaimer === 
-The most important point you need to know is that it is a scientific software. This means that although it has a graphical user interface, the software it is not fail-safe and self-explanatory. ​ 
-There are a lot of physical assumptions and numerical aspects involved, that are very important and not easily explainable in an online documentation. ​ 
-Hence, I also offer phone meetings (Skype for example) to help if you wish. Please email me at {{:​892729810.png|}} 
-The program hides the numerics and tries to give you a powerful analysis tool which is safe and stable. We have written two articles (2014) which cover some of the aspects about the program. Take a look in the reference section and the "How to cite" section. 
-I am working on the improvement of the website in order to fill the gaps. I would strongly suggest that you try tutorial 1 to get a short overview of the main features of the software. 
   * [[http://​​downloads/​|ReMagX 2.6 (current stable release)]]   * [[http://​​downloads/​|ReMagX 2.6 (current stable release)]]
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