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-The magneto-optical part is optional and can be disabled+The magneto-optical part is optional. To enable this part do the following.  
-It allows ​you to define a magnetization ​in the system ​and fit it+ 
 +  * In the magneto-optics sheet click on "add magnetization"​. 
 +  * give the magnetization direction of all layers ​and click on apply to all layers. This can be changed on a per layer base in the Properties dialog for each layer.  
 +  * In case of measurements with circular light the polarization should be set to left and right circular polarization.  
 +  * In the preferences menu activate the following 
 +    * To enable full accuracy of calculation enable the Zak matrix formalism as algorithm. 
 +    * Check which asymmetry definition for the data you want to use. 
 +    * Treat dm and bm as magnetic contribution. 
 +  * Load the asymmetry files of your measured data. 
 +  * Fill the columns deltam and betam with proper values. The definition is given in the Terms and Definition document.  
 +  * Use the mode asymmetry. 
 +Note that the Parrat algorithm is able to calculate magnetic contributions as an approximation. But the polarization must be set to circular light to work properly.
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